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Tugba H. , Teb Finans

England / Istanbul

It was a terrific experience with Hasbal. I didn't expect it to be this easy and fast, thank you.


Nuran H. , Ing Finance
Barcelona / Istanbul
I was very lucky to have worked with Hasbal Logistics, which was recommended by our friends working in ING finance. We were very pleased with their professional and safe demeanor. Packing and setting up of items were excellent.

Kyle M. , Kemer Schools

Istanbul / Canada

Dear Tekin, first of all, thank you very much. Great packaging and very easy customs clearance , best wishes.

Todd C. , Manager of Kemer Schools

Istanbul / Izmir

It was excellent !! So fast , quality and trustable.

Thanks to the whole team and especially to Tekin

Hatice E. , Retired Teacher

Cyprus / Istanbul

The team that helped me move had a reliable, fast and excellent service, thank you for that. I hope many people benefit from them.

Rhonna Z. , Kemer Schools

Istanbul / Canada

I appreciated the team for their respect and organization.

I hope we all meet again.

Onur G. , Philip Morris

Istanbul / Cyprus 

All of our belongings are safely and successfully packed and transported by the reliable hasbal logistics company.

Hyundai , Turkey Office
Domestic / International Transports
We would like to thank Hasbal Logistics managers and employees, who organize the domestic and international transportation services of our company  for the professional service quality they have shown during the transportation .

Mercy Arizo Y. , Tourism Office

Philliphines / Istanbul

I am very satisfied with Hasbal. It was good quality and did a great job. Thanks to the whole team and especially Tekin.

Mehmet C. , Mitsubishi 
Istanbul / Azerbaijan
Thank you so much to whole team

Jin Ho C. , Hyundai
Istanbul / Korea

Thank you so much

Timoleon C. , Greece Consulate
Istanbul / Athens
Excellent service

Compo , Turkey Office
Germany / Istanbul 

We would like to thank all the team who contributed to the careful and professional transportation services they showed during our move to Münster, Germany - Istanbul and to receive our goods undamaged and completely, and we wish our cooperation to continue for many years.

St. Michel Schools , Istanbul
Istanbul / France

While carrying the materials of our exhibition "To collect the Ottomans" we are very pleased with your sensitivity, interest and follow-up. The fact that you have suggested the most suitable, practical and economical solution to our institution
has increased our satisfaction.

Şebnem A. , CFO Asistant / Avea 
Istanbul / Istanbul

Thank you very much for your professional solution and support during the move, and I wish you well in your
future work.

Hyung Sun K. , Samsung 
Korea / Istanbul

Excellent service

Reyhan E. , Teacher
Istanbul / Cyprus
Thanks , it was great.

Sarah N. , Kemer Schools
Istanbul / Dubai

It was really nice job.
The team was very kind and professional.


Consulate of Japan , Istanbul
Istanbul / Tokyo

Mr. Tekin, your service is like staying in a 5 star hotel.
In fact, there is nothing that I have done, thanks to you.

Yoon J. , Manager of Samsung
Korea / Istanbul 

Nice service

Magklaras P. , Consulate of Greece
Istanbul / Athens

Wonderful service

Ioanna G. , Consulate of Greece
Athens / Istanbul

Excellent , very nice work

Ulf E. ,  CEO / Founder of TAU 
Korea / Istanbul

We are very satisfied and we sincerely recommend you to other customers. We are always grateful for your help.

Masahide M. , Consulate of Japan
Istanbul / Jakarta

Great work

Kenji A. , Consulate of Japan
Istanbul / Baku

It was very nice and gentle.

Yasuko S. , Consulate of Japan
Istanbul / Frankfurt

it was an excellent job

Bekir K. ,  Evyap  
Istanbul / Istanbul

Thanks to the whole team for their quality work.

Burgmann Packings , Istanbul
Domestic / International Transports

Thanks for their successful work to Hasbal Logistics which has been organizing our transports for a long time

Estelle B. , Consulate of France
Istanbul / France

Performance is very good , excellent

Nicolas Z. , FB Ulker Basketball
Istanbul / Athens

Everything was perfect

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