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Hasbal, which started its foreign trade move with the import of walnuts, continues today by increasing its excitement, experience and knowledge with timber, scrap metal, fresh and frozen fish, grain and pulse products, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, photocopy paper.


Hasbal, which analyzes the needs of its customers correctly, acts as an intermediary for its manufacturer and supplier customers in providing quality raw materials and products at the most affordable cost.


We make analyzes of all the products we import, get health and adequacy reports, register them with the relevant institutions and deliver them to our customers in the fastest and trouble-free way.


Thanks to our own offices and warehouses in China, Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, we reach the requested product as soon as possible, make conformity determinations before loading and help it to be imported at more affordable costs.


Hasbal, which specializes in Marble, Textile, Fresh and Frozen Food and Vehicle spare parts, provides successful and complete service to its customers in the export sector.

Hasbal, which creates new sales opportunities by conducting market research for your products, helps you to export safely with the reports it prepares.


By taking an active role in the entire export process, from making the necessary correspondence about the product to its packaging, from the preparation of the sales contract to the follow-up of the payment transactions, from the opening of the letter of credit to its transportation and customs clearance, we enable you to focus only on production and support you to grow your business.



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