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First step of the transportation of articles begins with the correct determination. Our expert and experienced staff will decide on the type of materials to be used for the precision of your belongings , the area to be covered with accurate volume

calculations and to move with optimum costs.

Our staff in accordance with your demands will identify all the belongings to be transported , inform you about the material and the vehicle to be used in the packaging process to save you any surprises later on.


Hasbal gives the complete service from door to door with proper packaging materials with international standarts. Packaging , loading , custom procedures and transportation will be provided by its own team and equipment to reach the

destination safely and on time.


Our firm gives services for state institutions , military and diplomatic personnel , foreign consulates and embassies , private companies and schools with very careful attention.

Door to Door Transportation

Hasbal , organizes the transportation of many art galleries , museums and personal exhibitions with its experienced team identifies the sensitivity of material , value , packaging and transport methods in advance and provides the transport in the safest manner with suitable materials.

If necessary , Hasbal creates solutions with special boxes , equipments and provides you door to door transportation safely and avoiding any damages.

Art Transportation

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Our company knows the value and love you give to your pets and takes the necessary precautions during the removals so that they can be moved in a safe manner without being affected by ambient conditions.


Our experienced custom staff will be ready at the departure and arrival points to move them to their new homes safely and quickly.

Pet Transportation

Your belongings and also your cars , motorcycles which are indispensable for you , are located carefully in container by Hasbal professional team taking the necessary safety precautions.


Further, all customs procedures about this transportation are done by Hasbal. Your vehicle's traffic register and license tag formalities are done and we make you feel sure that you drive with no problem in your mind.

Vehicle Transportation

Before you move to the new country , not to have any adaptation problems Hasbal , initializes the necessary studies and provides you to focus on your work and your family.


Our support starts from the airport and continues with finding temporary residence , getting work & residence permit , detecting the school for your children , renting cars , providing furniture , opening a bank account , changing your driving license and arranging language courses.


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We provide the most important stage of the transportation, with first class quality packaging materials and professional team in accordance with international standards, undamaged and safe.


Hasbal , uses suitable materials for the goods that need extra care , like piano , safe , glassware and also helping to care with wooden boxes are provided by us if necessary.


Applicants in all countries of the world in visa procedures; regarding the relevant country procedures, appointment making, required application documents, visa fees, travel health insurance, hotel and flight reservations, invitation letters; Hasbal , which provides fast, accurate and complete service, works for you to achieve the most appropriate results without wasting time with boring and tiring procedures.


Our experienced team keeps your satisfaction at the highest level by carefully following your visa applications from beginning to end and managing them in the most accurate way.

Visa Services

During the transportation of all your belongings that you care about; In order to be better protected against external factors and to increase the quality of transportation, we carefully crate according to the international transport regulation ISPM 15 rules, taking into account the type, volume and weight of the goods.​


Also according to the demand; We also provide palletizing, fixing, air cushion reinforcement and material packaging services.


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