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Hasbal , which presents fast and effective solutions since founded , gives service from all ports of Turkey to all ports of the world for both partial or complete freight.

Working as a solution associate of international logistics companies in Turkey, Hasbal is able to give systematic and place guaranteed service every week, thanks to the agreements made with the ship agencies.

Sea Transport

Being the fastest means of transportation internationally, air freight has always been the most interesting of all. Also the experience of Hasbal , the alternative solutions and the special prices it presents satisfy the customers.

Hasbal , which meets the increasing demands to the advantages provided by fast transportation through consolidation or directly, gives services to all of the countries of the world as airport or address delivery thanks to the widespread and safe agency network it has.

Air Transport

Presenting partial or complete service for international land transportation in a systematic way, with minimum costs and safely every week, Hasbal gives delivery-on time-guarantee and fast info-flow thanks to its agencies.

Hasbal , which is able to meet all the freight needs ranging from standard load to heavy, wide and high load with covered body, awninged  and low bed vehicles, also is able to provide escorts for road passages and for getting the necessary passage permission.

Land Transport


Hasbal presents railway transportation, which is an alternative in logistics market, to its customers safely, because it is more confident according to the other kinds of transportations, it is more appropriate for heavy freight transportation, it is more economical and the transit time doesn’t change as it is not affected by weather conditions and also it has the least damage risk.


Railway Transport

Presenting optimum solutions for its customer needs, Hasbal , carries out all the stages of logistics operations by paying attention to commercial expectations and cost productivity.


Hasbal , which carries out the management of the stages of the service designed according to the needs successfully, brings down the costs to minimum by analyzing the transportation processes well.


Project Transport

The goods which weight and dimensions are not appropriate for carrying with containers are being carried with the contracted ships of to all the ports of the world.


Hasbal , which gives service for various transportable goods ranging from chemicals to construction materials, from wooden products to troughs and yachts, manages the emptying, placing, storing, customs procedures and in-land processes actively through its worldwide agencies.

Heavy Lift Transport

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The obligation to be fulfilled in a limited time causes fair transportation to be one of the most difficult kinds of the logistics services but Hasbal presents this service successfully to its customers through its experienced and expert team. 

Hasbal which is able to receive the fair goods from the wanted place on time through its widespread agency network delivers them free of deficiencies and damages to the fair area using the most appropriate transportation vehicles.

Fair Transport


Hasbal presents the storage services at all extents. It carries out the operations such as storing the pallets in block or shelf system, checking the stocks, inventory procedures, packaging and crating perfectly.

 Storage Services :

. Loading / Unloading Container

. Crating and Packaging 

. Daily Stock Checking , Reporting                

. Fumigation , Transferring , Transit Loading

Liquid Tank Transport

Hasbal transports liquid food, chemicals, raw materials, olive oil, vine, fruit juice, milk and cream to all over the world with ISO and Flexi tank containers which are designed for international sea, air and land transportations and which have different dimensions and capacities.


Presenting the best alternative according to the characteristics of the product to be transported, Hasbal has provided minimum cost by the advantages of liquid loading which does not require packaging cost and prevents space loss. 

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Hasbal carries out the customs procedures, which require sensitivity and attention at the shortest time with its fast, expert and experienced staff.


Hasbal , which analysis the needs and demands of the customers the best, helps the costs to decrease by following the most rationalistic and right ways while reaching the conclusion.

Custom Clearance

Being aware of the importance of the insurance service, Hasbal gives insurance service during all the periods starting from the production to the end, also in international transportation, duty or duty-free storage, or at the delivery phases, that is it gives service in all the stages which require compulsory or optional insurance.


Being able to give fumigation service at import/export loads, 

if demanded in the factory, at the port or at the store, Hasbal works according to the laws of agricultural quarantine and plant health of the country that the freight would be transported.

Hasbal which is very careful about fumigation, documentates the service which it presents with the medicine and doses according to the world standards with a certificate.


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